At Childwall Abbey School, the aim of the Science Department is to stimulate the curiosity of the pupils. This is achieved using a variety of resources, including practical equipment, audiovisual and ICT equipment. The pupils are encouraged to work independently and in groups to complete work and solve problems.

Image of student performing a science experiment

Assessment and Qualification

Science is taught in years 6 to 8 , following the programmes of study for science in the National Curriculum. The pupils experience a range of topics taken from the KS2/3 curriculum as appropriate to their learning needs. These are chosen from all 4 areas of science:

  • Living Things
  • Materials and Their Uses
  • Physical Processes
  • Scientific Enquiry

 Years 9-11

All pupils follow the AQA and OCR Entry Level Science course – a varied mixture of practical and theory based units, with the foundation very much relating to everyday life. Pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves, and go on to a higher qualification where appropriate (Entry Level, GCSE). Areas covered in Years 9-11 include:

  • Human Biology and Animal Interaction
  • Chemical Reactions and Chemistry Around Us
  • Energy Resources and The Solar System

When Science meets Arts