At Childwall Abbey School, the aim of the Science Department is to stimulate the curiosity of the pupils. This is achieved using a variety of resources, including practical equipment, audiovisual and ICT equipment. The pupils are encouraged to work independently and in groups to complete work and solve problems.

Assessment and Qualification

Science is taught in years 6 to 8 , following the programmes of study for science in the National Curriculum. The pupils experience a range of topics taken from the KS2/3 curriculum as appropriate to their learning needs. These are chosen from all 4 areas of science:

  • Living Things
  • Materials and Their Uses
  • Physical Processes
  • Scientific Enquiry

Crest Award

Year 7 and 8 pupils are studying to gain a CREST bronze qualification in science. This course gives them the opportunity to jointly pick a science project, and follow it through to its’ conclusion. This terms’ projects are Bridge Building and Yoghurt Making/ The success of these projects allows the students to go on to Silver and Gold awards.

Years 9-11

All pupils follow the AQA Entry Level Science course – a varied mixture of practical and theory based units, with the foundation very much relating to everyday life. Pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves, and go on to a higher qualification where appropriate (GCSE). Areas covered in Years 9-11 include:

  • The Human Body
  • Environment, Evolution and Inheritance
  • Elements, Mixtures and Compounds
  • Chemistry In Our World
  • Energy, Forces And The Structure Of Matter
  • Electricity, Magnetism And Waves

When Science meets Arts