Religious Education

Religious educationThe delivery of Religious Education within Childwall Abbey School provides many opportunities for our pupils to discover a wide range of belief systems from around the world. Pupils can appreciate the different spiritual and moral reasons behind human beings’ search for meaning and the beliefs which they follow.

Within the Religious Education Department at Childwall Abbey School there is an emphasis on independent and shared writing. The subject itself provides opportunities to achieve this. Pupils are encouraged to develop their writing skills and practise the reading and writing of different styles of texts. This is done by focusing on different sources of information using primary and secondary resources, journals, diary entries and the informal recording of information. Writing frames are used where appropriate to give the pupils opportunity to experience writing and modelling is used to show how to construct written work. Visual aids are in place to stimulate this process.

Pupils are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions in group debates and to record those thoughts e.g. by drawing and in spider diagrams. A key part of this is the opportunity for pupils to appreciate and respect other people’s points of view. Comprehension is tested through activities where they complete sentences (DART) and construct written responses to the moral and spiritual questions all humans will experience. This decision making process prepares our students as they transition from Childwall Abbey School to adult life.

At Key Stage 3 children learn about different religions. These include but are not limited to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam. In Key Stage 4 pupils learn about topics such as Religious Charities, People and Persecution, Religious and Moral arguments surrounding Contentious Issues.