At Childwall Abbey School, pupils develop their appreciation and enjoyment of music through various means. These include listening to a wide range of music in different contexts, practical use of musical instruments and expanding knowledge and application of musical theory.

Music is everywhere in our daily lives. Our aim is to offer pupils musical experiences, which lead to lifelong appreciation combined, where possible, with academic achievement. We work towards AQA, ASDAN and ArtsAward qualifications for our pupils, regardless of their starting point.

The purpose-built music and drama space in our building provides a combined learning and performing area. A range of musical instruments and equipment, are available and accessible.

Instruments and Technology

Alongside traditional instruments, we use technology to good effect at Childwall Abbey School. A motorised CleverTouch display ensures interactive resources are accessible to all pupils. We use Charanga Music School  to deliver interactive content.

Garageband and a variety of apps on our iPads, add to pupils’ ability to connect with music. We have electronic and traditional drum kits, for individual and shared performances. We use classical, folk and electric (including bass) guitars. Dolphin ukuleles are also part of our instrument collection.


We have two cordless microphone systems which encourage pupils to sing on their own, and with others. Our weekly singing assembly and the school choir provide an opportunity for pupils to have fun and to develop confidence in performance. In previous years, the choir has performed at the Peace Proms, at the Echo Arena.

Classical Music

Using the BBC Ten Pieces project pupils learn about great composers, alongside some lesser known,( e.g. using keyboards pupils play Bach’s Taccata and Fuge in D minor in a call and response style). Pupils are encouraged to improvise and explore music through their own compositions.

Annual group visits to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic school concert series, enable pupils to listen, enjoy, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions.

Curriculum and external links

Pupils access a modified National Curriculum (2014) suited to their complex academic, social, emotional needs and sensory sensitivities We engage with the SEN Music Network meetings, facilitated by Resonate Hub and adapt the Charanga Music School scheme, to meet pupils’ needs.

Classroom displays support understanding and exploration of how music is created, produced and communicated. This includes the interrelated dimensions of pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and appropriate musical notation.

Engagement with external organisations including DaDaFest, RLPO, Music For All, Live Music Now and Resonate: Liverpool’s Music Hub.


Click here to see the current National Curriculum for Music programmes of study.