Food Technology

Food TechnologyIn KS3 we aim to develop an enthusiasm and confidence for cooking and an interest and knowledge in how food is important for good health.

Pupils in KS3 will usually cook every week. We choose recipes that will teach the students to use the hob, the oven and a variety of electrical and manual food preparation equipment.

chefThey will be given the opportunity to develop life skills required for their future independence. This will include learning how to choose, and use safely, the correct knives and other equipment for food preparation. The pupils learn the importance of basic personal and food hygiene. In addition they will learn how to follow recipes, in class, after watching a demonstration.

FoodTech_3Most of the recipes we use are from the ‘Licence to Cook’ programme of study. The recipes have been chosen for their suitability to use in a one hour lesson and where possible have been adapted to follow the healthy eating guidance of ‘The Eat Well Plate’. We start with simple snack foods and progress to main meals. Pupils will have the opportunity to design, prepare and make a range of dishes which help develop their life skills.

We hope the pupils enjoy their lessons and we hope you will enjoy what has been cooked.