Design Technology

Design TechnologyHere at the department of Design and Technology at Childwall Abbey School, pupils are given the opportunity to showcase their enthusiasm, individuality, imagination and prior knowledge through practical and engaging activities. Our pupils are supported every step of the way to produce innovative products that they design and create in Resistant Materials and Food Technology. The projects included in the curriculum allow pupils with varying levels of ability to access challenging, motivational and inspiring opportunities. These projects take place from Key Stage 3 and continue through to Key Stages 4 and 5.

Pupils are encouraged to develop their own ideas and utilise the school’s modern and fully equipped workshop/food technology rooms to create products to their own specification. For many pupils the transfer from primary to a secondary school will give them their first experience of a workshop environment and they are supported in this transition to ensure that they can carry out their work safely.

The subject is framed around the six defining principles of the National Curriculum:

  • Being a User
  • Purpose
  • Functionality
  • Design Decisions
  • Innovation
  • Authenticity

All our schemes of work encourage safe working practices in the workshop and the nurturing of the pupils’ enquiring minds. There are strong cross-curricular links that encourage development of a holistic view of the subject area.

The Design and Technology Association’s Projects on a Page scheme of work, which is utilised across all key stages, provides the framework for learning and teaching in Design and Technology up to Year 9. At the end of Year 9 pupils will have the opportunity to choose a vocational pathway; studying a variety of Entry Level pathways, which includes Resistant Materials and Food technology. We believe that the Design Technology department offers a varied and balanced educational pathway choice.

The learning journey that all pupils undertake at Childwall Abbey School is further enhanced through Design and Technology by the discovery and enjoyment of interactive learning. This approach gives the pupils opportunities to imagine, design and create so that they can implement their own ideas into tangible products while developing their own sets of skills and knowledge.  Skills of analysis will also be taught so they can test, evaluate and refine their ideas.

Pupils will also be taught to understand and apply the principles of nutrition and health, so they can feed themselves and others with a healthy and varied diet.  They will become competent in a range of cooking techniques and learn how to budget.

Mr Neil Murray
Curriculum Coordinator
Design and Technology

Last updated: 14/11/18
Review: 14/11/19