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Art and Design logoWhat is the curriculum like?

Students get the opportunity to explore different issues and themes through the work of other artists and designers.  The process allows students to become independent thinkers, to be more aware of their culture and environment and those around them.  Students are encouraged to make decisions and work through problems finding their own, individual reaction and responses.  The curriculum is diverse to allow free expression and access to all students regardless of ability.  Working in groups, pairs, as a whole class and independently, students are able to develop their social skills.

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What will students study?

Key Stage 3 – Units of work:

Mask making, self-image, portrait and illustration, life events, My City and cartoon art.

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Key Stage 4 – Units of work:

GCSE in design studying themes based on culture, architecture, natural forms and contemporary artists.  Pupils are encouraged to work independently developing their ideas and utilising a wide range of techniques.

What will students learn?

  • To gain a greater appreciation of their culture and environment
  • Develop ways to express themselves through different mediums
  • To identify and explore the work of other artists
  • To produce work as an individual through their own reactions and responses

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Art is delivered by Mrs J. Hunt at KS3 and Mrs M. Williams at KS4.

Artsmark Quality Mark

Please see the Quality Marks section of the website to find out about the exciting and wide-ranging opportunities that our Artsmark work is providing all our young people.

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