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We will be posting activities, homework and links here during the school closure.


Music – Check out this link which gives you tips for improving your singing voice and warm up exercises

Literacy – Did you see the mountain goats running round Llandudno this morning? Made me giggle! Have a go at designing a front cover for a newspaper reporting on this! Here’s a headline to get you started GO GO GOATS!

Maths – Check out White Rose Maths who are doing home learning activities for your child to work through.

e-Safetyonline safety is important and at this time when young people maybe using their tech a bit more, here is a link to the CEOP site which contains the latest advice on keeping safe online.


Literacy – Try keeping a diary of activities that you do each day. You could write times that you do certain things like get dressed, watch TV, play a game and so on.

Wider curriculum – Try finding out some fantastic facts about something that interests you! I did some finding out about flamingos and found that baby flamingos are born with straight beaks!

Art – We are pleased to announce that the votes for the dot art schools competition are now open. Check out our Year 9 entries via the following link and register your vote! Good Luck all!


As promised here are some links that consider our emotional and mental health at this tricky time.

The first is a lovely story which some of our younger students may enjoy, it explains coronavirus in a gentle way.

The second is from our friends at Alder Hey and is the Fresh CAMHS website which offers support and practical ideas for dealing with your feelings at this time.


Literacy – There has been lots of wonderful poems written over the last few weeks.  Some share best wishes to our fabulous NHS staff, some are to raise our spirits and some our about our families.  Check out this link for ideas and have a go at writing your own poem!

Art – Get creative with bits and bobs around the house or just some paper.  Look at these ideas from #metkids for getting arty and creative at home!

Science – For all you budding scientists out there or those who are interested in facts and figures.  Check out the ThoughtCo. website which answers questions such as ‘How thundersnow works’ and ‘What does science say about flying and fire breathing dragons?’


Here is a word challenge to get you thinking today.  How many words can you make out of our school name,  ‘Childwall Abbey School’.  Two to help you get started are ‘shell’ and ‘wobble’.  Good luck!


Literacy – Today, David Walliams announced that he is going to be reading stories for free!  Check out the wonderful world of Walliams!

Numeracy – Today’s maths challenge is to choose a room in your house and do a shape scavenger hunt.  You could look for squares in your living room, cubes in your kitchen or find as many shapes as you can in 60 seconds.  You could challenge yourself or others to see who can find more!

Wider Curriculum – To stay active during this time, why not have a PE lesson in your front room! ‘The Body Coach’, Joe Wicks, is releasing daily videos to encourage you to stay active during this time. Check out today’s video!

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Number of the week

There will be a new number of the week every Thursday. This week’s  (7/5/20) number of the week is…..


(may the 4th be with you…)

Remember you are trying to find as many calculations that have the answer of 4. Any worded questions that equal 4 and any interesting facts about the number 4. Keep you answers safe and bring them to me when we return to school for a certificate! – Mr Watkins

Exam Dates

Exam DatesMr Watkins, CAS Exams Officer is keeping in touch with all exam boards and will update parents/carers/students if and when he has news. No one’s results will be allowed to suffer because of Covid 19 lockdown. Keep smiling!

Here to help

Here to helpYour Pastoral Team, Michelle and Ronnie are here to support you so that you enjoy attending and achieving at Childwall Abbey School.

We want you to feel safe and happy and to know that you can always ask for help or advice.

We help young people in lots of different ways, including:

  • Helping to build confidence.
  • Talking to parents on your behalf or supporting you to tell them how you feel.
  • Helping you to get into school regularly and on time.
  • Supporting you if you need help in a particular class.
  • Offering a quiet place where you can come and sort out any problems you might be having.

At Childwall Abbey School, we all work together to help each other. Your Pastoral Team work closely with your teachers, parents/carers and the staff in ARC 1 AND 2 to make sure everyone is supported and no one is left out.

What’s for lunch today?

At Childwall Abbey School we are very lucky to have a lovely team in our kitchen. They work hard to make sure we have plenty of good food to eat and lots of healthy choices.  The menu changes every month.  Click here to see the current menu.

Our Fantasic Chefs

Our Fantasic Chefs

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