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Activities at C.A.S.


Come along and join in some of the clubs and groups, which take place throughout the week at C.A.S. Try something new or enjoy a favourite activity.

Monday Gym activities – KS4
Football – KS3 (gym or yard)
Tuesday Choir – KS3/4, 1:00pm (Mr. Maines’ room)
Gym activities – KS4
Football – KS3 (gym or yard)

Dance – KS3/4, 12:30pm (Mr. Watkins’ room)
Gym activities – KS4
Football – KS3 (gym or yard)

Thursday Gym activities – KS4
Football – KS3 (gym or yard)
Friday Gym activities – KS4
Football – KS3 (gym or yard)

(Skipping on both yards, reading in Lower School quiet area every day. Sports sessions supported by Hope University students – Spring 2018)


Children’s Mental Health Week 2017

Children's Mental Health Week 2017 logoIt can make a big difference to spread a little kindness to those around you – especially if someone you know is having a difficult time. Being kind to yourself is also really important. There are lots of different ways you can do this, like thinking of all the things that you like about yourself, or trying not to blame yourself when things don’t work out the way you wanted.

Click here to download the Children’s Mental Health Week leaflet.

School Council

Visit the Student Council page here

School Council Representatives 2017

Share Ideas Start Something GoodCongratulations to all our newly elected School Councillors and a very big thank-you to everyone who was willing to put their name forward, whether they were successful or not. Each form group in the school now has their own councillor, who will attend meetings to represent their views and share their ideas. This is all part of being active citizens in a democracy.

The class representatives are:

Lewis 14 T, Bradley B. 13 J, Sadiq 12 S, Lydia 11 J, Lauren 11 D, Lizzie 10 W, Jason R. 10 B, Jimmi 9M, Lucy 9 D, Alliyah 8 C, Ellie 7/8 G, Ciaran 7 C, Evie 6/7 P.

On occasions, School Council will extend an invitation to other pupils who would like to attend a meeting as a visitor to find out more about the work of the Council.

School Council Committees

We have three school council committees. They cover very important areas of life at Childwall Abbey School- Keeping Safe, Learning Together and Being Happy.

We look forward to lots of interesting and challenging discussions on a wide range of topics, from how we learn to school lunches, clubs and fundraising activities.

Weekly Maths Challenge

Weekly Maths ChallengeEvery week a new Maths Challenge is posted on the website. Click here to see see this week’s challenge!

Here to help

Here to helpYour Pastoral Team, Michelle and Ronnie are here to support you so that you enjoy attending and achieving at Childwall Abbey School.

We want you to feel safe and happy and to know that you can always ask for help or advice.

We help young people in lots of different ways, including:

  • Helping to build confidence.
  • Talking to parents on your behalf or supporting you to tell them how you feel.
  • Helping you to get into school regularly and on time.
  • Supporting you if you need help in a particular class.
  • Offering a quiet place where you can come and sort out any problems you might be having.

At Childwall Abbey School, we all work together to help each other. Your Pastoral Team work closely with your teachers, parents/carers and the staff in ARC 1 AND 2 to make sure everyone is supported and no one is left out.

What’s for lunch today?

At Childwall Abbey School we are very lucky to have a lovely team in our kitchen. They work hard to make sure we have plenty of good food to eat and lots of healthy choices.  The menu changes every month.  Click here to see the current menu.

Our Fantasic Chefs

Our Fantasic Chefs

From Aigburth High to Childwall Abbey School… we did it!

It’s almost one year since our move from our old school in Aigburth to our new school Childwall.  Share some of the memories here.


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