Polite Reminders

Information update .

If your address or contact telephone numbers have changed, please let the school office know, on 0151-427-1863. It is ESSENTIAL that we are able contact parents/carers in an emergency and we cannot do this without up to date information.

Drinks in School

Fizzy, sugary or energy drinks (such as Lucozade, Red Bull) are not healthy and are NOT allowed in school. Pupils are encouraged to bring plain bottled water if they need a drink in class and water is available at all times.


Pupils who take regular prescribed medication should wherever possible, take this at home before school. If any pupil needs temporary medication, school must have a letter from home and it must be clearly labelled so that we know what we are giving.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not allowed in school. If they are brought into school they MUST be handed into the office to be kept securely. School has plenty of phones should calls need to be made. Use of mobiles is a SAFEGUARDING matter and we take this VERY seriously.


Pupils are expected to wear school sweatshirts, white shirt, black trousers/skirt, black shoes or trainers. Jewellery should not be worn.


Whilst the majority of our pupils are punctual and attend school very regularly, some pupils’ education is suffering due to poor attendance. Parents of any pupil who is absent without school being informed, will be contacted by text to ensure their child is absent with good reason. Parents/carers of persistent poor attendances will be offered support by Mrs Williams and our Educational Welfare officer.

School Meals.

Please send any monies in on Monday morning to allow this to be dealt with promptly.

Money in School

We discourage pupils from bringing money into school, other than bus fare. If money is required for activities school will always inform parents/carers. We cannot guarantee the security of money brought into school unless it is handed in to be put in the safe.

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