Yr 6 Pupil speaks at Liverpool Schools' Parliament

LiverpoolSchoolsParliamentLogoJack Statham spoke at Liverpool Schools’ Parliament, in the Town Hall.

“Good Afternoon,

I want to make Liverpool right because we need to stop people throwing litter around. They need to learn to use the bins instead of throwing rubbish on the floor. I also think people need to be careful with drinking. Some people do get extremely drunk. We need to tell people that’s not cool or healthy. My other point is about school, I love school but I haven’t always loved it. Sometimes I have not wanted to go, but I have learnt to love school. I want to help more kids love school too. Also we need to spread the word on autism awareness. People don’t seem to know much about it. I want to change that; I want people not to be afraid of it. Finally ladies and gentlemen, I love where I live! If we all work together we can make a difference and keep Liverpool Great. Thank You.”

This is a wonderful speech delivered by Jack in year 6 to the Liverpool Schools’ Parliament.

Jack has some great ideas. We are all delighted that he loves school and we are very proud of him for representing us in such a mature and positive way.

Well done Jack!

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon, 3rd Oct 2014

Thank-you very much to all the members of our school community who helped us to raise a wonderful £240 for Macmillan Cancer Care Charity.

Making Cakes

Making Cakes

Lots of our pupils in year 6, 7,8 and 9 used their Food Tech Time to make cakes to sell. Parents and staff also sent in home baking- Pupils wore “own Clothes” for a donation of £1 and everyone enjoyed the chance to buy cakes during pastoral time in the afternoon.

Buying Cakes

Buying Cakes

Our Sixth Formers organised the cake sale, including a lovely display of posters round school and Mr Maines’ class linked the sale to their work on our whole school numeracy target “money”.

Counting the money

Counting the money

Thanks once again for showing how much everyone at Aigburth High cares for people who need our help.

School Council News, October 2014

Our School Council had a really good meeting on Tuesday 30th September. We invited our new school cook Ms Val Canavan to talk about our ideas for improvements to the menu. Everyone enjoyed sharing their likes and dislikes and Mrs Piercy and Mrs Price were very proud of the polite and sensible way the councillors took turns and respected each other.

On Thursday 2nd October, four of our school councillors attended the first session this year of the Liverpool Schools’ Parliament. They were chosen to represent our school by the Council and will do this job for the rest of the term when another four will be chosen.

Liverpool Town Hall

Liverpool Town Hall

They spent the day at the Town Hall with Mrs Price and took part in a debate about travel passes.

This is what they said when they came back to school:

“It was really good fun” – Ryan B, Yr 7

“It was good and interesting, I am thinking of becoming Young Lord Mayor as I want to make Liverpool better” – Jack S, Yr 6

“It was brilliant, I enjoyed the food” Matthew Mc, Yr 6

“I really liked it and I want to go again” Daniel, Yr 8


Well Done everyone!

Kinetic Theatre Company

On Monday 22nd of September, KS2/3 were treated to a visit by the Kinetic Theatre for Science. The theatre aims to educate by integrating scientific themes with exciting stories.


The theme of this visit was ‘The Light Fantastic’, which covered many aspects of light, shadow and colour. The premise of the show was ‘who stole all the colour?’, a mystery which saw Dolly the café owner and Roy, a Country and Western star, try to figure out where all the earths’ colour had gone!


With an excellent mix of pantomime, songs and audience participation, a great time was had by all – and we learned lots too!

Cherry Dillon, Head of Science


Year 9 Museum Visit

In July, Year 9 visited the Museum of Liverpool, where they learned more about the geography and history of the local area and enjoyed lots of hands on activities.





They will also be visiting the Catalyst Museum in Widnes to try lots of practical science activities.



Places Of Worship

Children from 6M and 7M were given the opportunity to visit places of worship in our local community recently.

Children from Aigburth High School outside mosque and church

This was part of their Religious Education curriculum to consider differences between the multicultural faiths of our community. They were given a tour of the places of worship by Rev Greenwood of St Anne’s Church on Aigburth Road and Fatima of Toxteth Mosque. The children were very respectful and asked the same questions at each venue to assist in their comparisons of different faiths. As always, the children were very sensible and mature representatives of Aigburth High.


Polite Reminders

Information update .

If your address or contact telephone numbers have changed, please let the school office know, on 0151-427-1863. It is ESSENTIAL that we are able contact parents/carers in an emergency and we cannot do this without up to date information.

Drinks in School

Fizzy, sugary or energy drinks (such as Lucozade, Red Bull) are not healthy and are NOT allowed in school. Pupils are encouraged to bring plain bottled water if they need a drink in class and water is available at all times.


Pupils who take regular prescribed medication should wherever possible, take this at home before school. If any pupil needs temporary medication, school must have a letter from home and it must be clearly labelled so that we know what we are giving.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not allowed in school. If they are brought into school they MUST be handed into the office to be kept securely. School has plenty of phones should calls need to be made. Use of mobiles is a SAFEGUARDING matter and we take this VERY seriously.


Pupils are expected to wear school sweatshirts, white shirt, black trousers/skirt, black shoes or trainers. Jewellery should not be worn.


Whilst the majority of our pupils are punctual and attend school very regularly, some pupils’ education is suffering due to poor attendance. Parents of any pupil who is absent without school being informed, will be contacted by text to ensure their child is absent with good reason. Parents/carers of persistent poor attendances will be offered support by Mrs Williams and our Educational Welfare officer.

School Meals.

Please send any monies in on Monday morning to allow this to be dealt with promptly.

Money in School

We discourage pupils from bringing money into school, other than bus fare. If money is required for activities school will always inform parents/carers. We cannot guarantee the security of money brought into school unless it is handed in to be put in the safe.

Sport Relief 2014


A very big thank you goes out to everyone who supported our Sport Relief 2014 fundraising activities.




We had an own-clothes day, and lots of people enjoyed being able to wear sports kit instead of uniform. Year 6 and 7 also had a “Skipathon”.

The total raised for Sport Relief was £150. Fantastic!



Key Stage 3 visit World Museum Liverpool

Following the completion of their Ancient Egypt studies, a group of Key Stage 3 pupils visited World Museum Liverpool on Friday 7th February.


Liverpool World Museum


They were treated to an amazing day by museum staff which started with permission to park in a ‘secret’ car park due to road works in the area. The car park was so ‘secret’ they had difficulty finding it!

During an “Ancient Egypt Hands-On Workshop”, museum staff allowed the pupils to examine genuine Egyptian artefacts. They were so precious the children had to wear special gloves to avoid the artefacts being damaged.

While they had the opportunity, the pupils explored the wide variety of exhibits the museum holds. They were also treated to a session by museum staff where they examined some of the local aquatic wildlife found in coastal rock pools.

Staff commented the children were, as usual, awesome representatives of the school, themselves and their families. The children enjoyed the day so much they were asking when they could return during the drive back to school.
Well done Key Stage 3!