Happy Easter

26/03/2021 – Well done to everyone for making such a calm and successful return to being all together in school over the past few weeks. Special thanks to parents and carers who have kept us updated regarding Covid test results and isolation and who have encouraged all our children to return to school from 8th March.

Many thanks to all who contributed to our “own clothes day” fundraiser for Comic Relief. The total raised was £104, which is excellent.

After the holiday, pupils and staff will continue to work in bubbles and transport arrangements. The modified timetable will remain the same. Pupils must continue to attend school in uniform, except on PE days when they must attend in appropriate clothing to allow them take part in physical activities i.e. plain t-shirt or sweatshirt and joggers (not fashion items or football kit please).

Our Key information update of C.A.S. expectations can be accessed here.

Please click here for a letter from the Director of Children’s Services with regard to Covid safety.

Currently, we have a vacancy for a Parent Governor. Please consider supporting our school in this way. The nomination form and further information can be accessed here.

As always, can we remind all parents and carers to be vigilant regarding their child’s access to social media, in all its forms, over the holiday. Further information and support is available on the E-safety section of our website Parents page and on our Twitter feed.

Thank you all and well done!

12/03/2021 – Many thanks to all our amazing pupils, parents, carers and staff for such a successful and positive first week all back together on-site. It has been wonderful to see everyone, to catch up on news and to get back into the routine of life at C.A.S.

Thanks also to parents for sending pupils back looking so smart and ready to learn and for returning any work packs remaining at home. Everyone has been very sensible, following the school Covid Safety rules. Form bubble groups have already been out and about in our beautiful local area, blowing away the cobwebs and enjoying outdoor exercise. Hopefully, with the arrival of Spring, we will be able to do lots more healthy activities to support our wellbeing.

We are so proud of our C.A.S. community. Thank you again, keep up the good work and stay safe!

Welcome back!

05/03/2021 – A very heartfelt welcome back to everyone! We are looking forward to all being together again on 8th March ’21 and getting back to enjoying to our on-site timetable, as we did throughout the Autumn Term. Transport arrangements will be the same as they were before Christmas. Please remember to wear your uniform, bring a raincoat and be ready to get out and about from next Monday, whatever the weather!

Please click here for a link to Key Information.

On-site COVID Testing Offer

03/03/2021 – Please note that taking part in COVID testing is voluntary and you may decide not to give consent for your child to be tested. No child will be tested unless parental consent via this form has been given in advance. If a child declines the test on the day they will not be made to take the test. Verbal permission, text or email will not be accepted as parental consent.

If you have any questions, please contact the school.

Happy half-term!

12/02/2021 – Wishing all members of the C.A.S community a very happy, healthy and safe half-term break.  You deserve a holiday after all the fantastic online and other work you have been doing over the past few weeks, so staff will not be setting work until 22/02/21.  During half-term it will not be possible for pupils to post messages on Microsoft Teams, while it is not being monitored by staff, to make sure everyone stays safe.  Thank you so much to all our wonderful parents and carers who have supported their children and the school during this latest lockdown.

Confirmed case of COVID-19

06/02/2021 – We have been advised by Public Health England that there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 within our school community.   I would like to take time to reassure you that we have taken all necessary actions since hearing this information to keep all children at our school as safe as possible.  The children and staff in the bubble are now self-isolating for 10 days and the school has been cleaned appropriately.

Safer internet day

04/02/2021 – Calling all members of the C.A.S. community – Tuesday 9th February is Safer Internet Day 2021.This year, more than ever, when we are all making so much use of the internet and online working, it is so important to think about keeping ourselves and others safe. Look out on our Twitter feed and Teams next week for fun learning activities and remember to stay safe online!

Latest update regarding school closure

06/01/2021 – Childwall Abbey School is open only to children of Essential Key Workers from tomorrow, 07/01/2021.  The parents/carers for these pupils have been notified.  Please continue to check website, texts and Twitter for updates.  Thank you for your many messages of support and your kind understanding in these challenging times.

Latest update on school closure

06/01/2021 – We politely request that all forms be returned no later than 1pm today. 

05/01/2021 – Childwall Abbey School remains closed to all pupils on 06/01/2021.  Please see the letter below for further information.  Please also see Application for on-site provision and Intention to Keep child at Home during Lockdown forms in the Welcome page side bar (please complete and return via info@childwallabbeyschool.net as soon as possible for our information.

Every effort is currently being made to support all our pupils remotely (see Remote Learning Hub) and to open to our most vulnerable and Essential Key Worker pupils as soon as safely practicable. Thank you for your support.