Liverpool Writing Quality Mark

Writing Showcase

Each key stage has a ‘writing showcase’ so that each class can choose pieces of writing to be shared with the rest of the school.

Literacy Challenge





Homework Challenge


This week out Year 10 pupils have gone on their DofE adventure.

Write about an adventure you have been on or write an adventure story.


This weekend saw a showcase of sport. Football fixtures on Saturday, the Six Nations kicked off in Paris on Friday and the New England Patriors won the Super Bowl in Atlanta last night.

Write about your favourite sporting event or match!

Thank you to Levi Tafari for coming to visit us today.  Write some facts about him or try writing a poem. You could copy your favourite poem.


Tomorrow is the National Television Awards. Write about your favourite TV show. You may want to write about a favourite character or episode. Enjoy!

Muhammad Ali would have celebrated his 77th birthday on Thursday this week. Write about who your sporting favourite is and why you like them.