Yr 6 Pupil speaks at Liverpool Schools' Parliament

LiverpoolSchoolsParliamentLogoJack Statham spoke at Liverpool Schools’ Parliament, in the Town Hall.

“Good Afternoon,

I want to make Liverpool right because we need to stop people throwing litter around. They need to learn to use the bins instead of throwing rubbish on the floor. I also think people need to be careful with drinking. Some people do get extremely drunk. We need to tell people that’s not cool or healthy. My other point is about school, I love school but I haven’t always loved it. Sometimes I have not wanted to go, but I have learnt to love school. I want to help more kids love school too. Also we need to spread the word on autism awareness. People don’t seem to know much about it. I want to change that; I want people not to be afraid of it. Finally ladies and gentlemen, I love where I live! If we all work together we can make a difference and keep Liverpool Great. Thank You.”

This is a wonderful speech delivered by Jack in year 6 to the Liverpool Schools’ Parliament.

Jack has some great ideas. We are all delighted that he loves school and we are very proud of him for representing us in such a mature and positive way.

Well done Jack!

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