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We will be posting activities, homework and links here during the school closure. Use the page numbers below to see previous homework and activities!

There will be Maths work set for every pupil at their level on “MyMaths” each week. Click the MyMaths icon above to access the website. Every pupil received a guidance document with their individual login and password. Generic guidance below:


Good morning all, a bit overcast on this Tuesday morning with a lot of rain due later on! Umbrellas at the ready. Today we continue our look at ‘Reflection’

Before the activities for today, can we please say how much we are looking forward to this afternoon’s Dot Art Schools Ceremony. Our winners from Year 9 will be attending virtually with their families and Mrs Barrett is attending too.

English and Maths – A double whammy this morning with English and Maths teaming up for a challenge to get you thinking. It is all about palindromes. These are special types of numbers. Look at the definition and then see if you can have a go at the challenges.

Science – Some Science now and some more investigation into the scientific meaning of reflection. Check out this video all about reflection and then try to find objects in your house that reflect light!

RE and PE – Now for some RE and PE combined. People across the world use Yoga and Meditation to reflect and help their spirituality. Why not have a go yourself by following this video link!

Finally the latest from my Lockdown Reflection.