School Assembly by DaDaFest – Edward Rushton

On Monday 26th Jan Aigburth High School enjoyed a visit from Ruth Gould, Artisitic Director of DaDaFest, and Jordan Connerty, Young DaDa member and DaDaFest Volunteer. They came to tell us about Edward Rushton. The presentation was called Edward Rushton, The Poet and the Rebel.

Edward Rushton - mural by Mike Jones

Edward Rushton – mural by Mike Jones

Edward Rushton (1756-1814) campaigned against many kinds of injustice: slavery, religious prejudice, the need for women’s equality and the right for everyone to have a vote. He also fought for the rights of disabled people to be educated and have work opportunities.

After telling us about Edward Rushton’s life and work, Ruth and Jordan left us with this question:-

But what about now? If Edward Rushton was alive today, what do you think he would be fighting for?

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