Key Stage 4 English Projects- Autumn ‘14

Letter to an Unknown Soldier


KS4 English students wrote a Letter to an Unknown Soldier. Their work is now displayed online alongside that of Stephen Fry, David Cameron and over 22,000 other letters.
This is in commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of World War I.
Once the letters are removed from the site they will be archived for future historical reference in the British Library Archives.

The George Garrett Project


Our KS4 students also took part in the George Garrett Project. This was backed by Heritage Lottery Fund and involved students learning about the Liverpool writer George Garrett. He was much respected by other well-known writers. George Orwell travelled to Liverpool to meet him.
He was also responsible for the Liverpool Unity Theatre being established.
Visitors from the Project who worked in school, to help students understand about their own literary heritage, were very impressed with the questions raised during their group talk.

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