Key Stage 3 visit World Museum Liverpool

Following the completion of their Ancient Egypt studies, a group of Key Stage 3 pupils visited World Museum Liverpool on Friday 7th February.


Liverpool World Museum


They were treated to an amazing day by museum staff which started with permission to park in a ‘secret’ car park due to road works in the area. The car park was so ‘secret’ they had difficulty finding it!

During an “Ancient Egypt Hands-On Workshop”, museum staff allowed the pupils to examine genuine Egyptian artefacts. They were so precious the children had to wear special gloves to avoid the artefacts being damaged.

While they had the opportunity, the pupils explored the wide variety of exhibits the museum holds. They were also treated to a session by museum staff where they examined some of the local aquatic wildlife found in coastal rock pools.

Staff commented the children were, as usual, awesome representatives of the school, themselves and their families. The children enjoyed the day so much they were asking when they could return during the drive back to school.
Well done Key Stage 3!

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